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For anything relating to music-making on Windows computers, with lots of FAQs. Moderated by Martin Walker.

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Postby Martin Walker » Tue Dec 14, 2004 3:32 pm

JAN 2004: ... cnotes.htm

Recovering Lost Files

File Rescue Plus review

My motherboard update (results revisited)

TINY TIPS: Laptops without floppy drives (external drives, bootable CD-ROMs)

FEB 2004: ... cnotes.htm

Processor Choices for Cubase SX

Steinberg's published performance figures (FiveTowers test, reverb test)

Pentium 4 Extreme Edition

Creative Audigy 2 NX USB 2.0 external audio interface

TINY TIPS: XP Tweaks revisited (the latest findings)

MAR 2004: ... cnotes.htm

Page File: the great controversy (views from Microsoft and music software developers)

Scientific Page File Tweaks (Cacheman, Microsoft's Performance Monitor

The difference between page file usage and maximum possible pagefile usage.

Dialup Modem thoughts.

TINY TIPS: Microsoft's OEM Windows XP won't reauthorise after you change the motherboard.

APR 2004: ... cnotes.htm

USB vs FireWire Drives

Measurements of USB 2.0 and FireWIre performance on a dual interface external hard drive.

Performance Overview (3.5 and 2.5-inch IDE drives)

Graph showing relative sustained transfer rates of a variety of desktop and laptop drives.

Testing Times For MIDI - Miditest 2.2 review

TINY TIPS: USB 2 certified cables.

MAY 2004: ... cnotes.htm

Super-quiet Power Supplies (review of SilenX 400-watt PSU)

What Wattage? (Choosing A PSU)

Baby Come Back (storing setup details, making image files)

ASIO4ALL review

System Restore Versus Imaging (the differences, saving & restoring BIOS settings).

JUN 2004: ... cnotes.htm

HyperThreading & Spring-cleaning

Removing Device Manager references to removed hardware

HyperThreading Tests (Pentium 4 2.8GHz running audio software with/without HT enabled)

Problems with some audio applications and HyperThreading.

TINY TIPS: MIDI Latency Testing (a DIY test to measure the real-world latency in your MIDI+Audio sequencer when running your own songs)

JUL 2004: ... cnotes.htm

Harbal 1.5 review

More Longhorn News (the three-tiered user experience.

AUG 2004: ... cnotes.htm

Cleaning Up Your Windows Registry (why it's worth doing it)

Repair & Restore (utilities to clean the Registry, including RegClean, ERUNT, NTREGOPT).

Registry Medic review

Intel Dothan processors

TINY TIPS: Where to find manuals for 2nd hand software and other gear.

SEP 2004: ... cnotes.htm

New Intel Chipsets - Good For Musicians? (915P and 925X chipsets discussed, LGA775 socket, PCI Express slots.

Changing Drive Letters (how to sort your drives in Microsoft Explorer using the Disk Management utility).

OCT 2004: ... cnotes.htm

Incurable Soundcard Stuttering (PCI Latency Timer)

Hogging The Bus (suitable and unsuitable timer settings)

PCI Dawg review

The Results Are In (default soundcard timer settings, issues due to DSP card timings

Tweaking Timings (approaches to PCI Latency timing adjustment)

Space: The Final Frontier (Spacemonger utility)

NOV 2004: ... cnotes.htm

Should PC Musicians Install Windows Service Pack 2?

What does it contain? (+ link to full list of tweaks and bug fixes)

Problems, Problems (music-specific issues, Cubase, Nuendo, HALion, Sonar, boot-up problems)

Yes Or No? (A cautious thumbs up)

The Proof Of The Pudding (installing SP2 on a Pentium 4 2.8GHz PC)

More PC Freebies (Filealyzer, Metapad)

DEC 2004: ... cnotes.htm

Avoiding PCI Problems (5-volt and 3.3-volt PCI cards, Universal cards)

The PCI-X (eXtended) Specification

Where Are They Then? (64-bit slots and Expansion cards)

The New Horizon (Macs with PCI-X slots, PCI Express

A Trip Into The Future (wrong system clock year bug invalidates copy-protected software license)

TINY TIPS: RTFM! (Installing audio interface drivers)
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