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RF Interference caused by hard drive...

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Re: RF Interference caused by hard drive...

Postby Eric Fung » Tue Jul 30, 2019 8:54 am

Gary_W wrote:Many thanks for the reply, Pete. It is very much appreciated.

I am very happy and excited as I have now managed to fix it. :bouncy:

Google showed that quite a few people have had big problems with these boards in terms of noise and the comments at the bottom of this review thread were what sorted it for me.

I tried Pete's Spread Spectrum turn-offs but there was no noticable difference. The thing that actually solved it was turning off C1 in the BIOS!!!!

I now can pick up the HDD and other electrical noise sounds if I put my guitar < a foot away from the PC. When I'm in normal playing position it's absoultely fine now. This has cured the fault for my external amp and also when using guitar rig via the Saffire.

The overall noise level has gone down on the guitar as well, but the most welcome thing is the lack of HDD spike noise. What a relief to have fixed it!

Prior to finding it, I had actually put a sheet of turkey foil in front of my guitar (from top of neck to the tailpiece) and earthed it. I still got the noise, which was leading me to read up on all of the ground loop articles but still coming up blank.

So whatever C1 actually is, it causes huge RF gremlins with this board and brings out the worst in everything else that is plugged in. The P6X58D-E is apparently not the only board that can be helped out by turning C1 off, but there were enough posts out there about this when I phrased the searches a little differently to show I'm not the only one to have been here!

Thanks again for all who tried to help on this thread - I am so glad to have found it. I was about to pull the trigger on an SSD and that would have helped out but this was a much better solution! :bouncy:

Thanks alot for this post! I just had the same problem. When I assembled a new computer with i7 9700K and ASUS Z390A motherboard, the release of the computer seriously interfered with the guitar and effects, and even the guitar amp beside it. Search for various cases, all said that the grounding problem, but very lucky to find this post, with a glimmer of hope to try to modify C-state for disable, found that the world has returned to quiet.
Thanks again!
Eric Fung
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Re: RF Interference caused by hard drive...

Postby Pete Kaine » Tue Jul 30, 2019 3:50 pm

Thanks for the feedback, great to see a thread still helping after all this time! :)
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