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For anything relating to music-making on Windows computers, with lots of FAQs. Moderated by Martin Walker.

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Postby Martin Walker » Tue Nov 04, 2003 6:42 am

JAN 2003: ... es1202.asp

Turning game joysticks into cheap MIDI controllers
Abiword - a simple and free word processor that won't get in the way

FEB 2003: ... es0203.asp

Initial information about Longhorn O/S
AAS Lounge Lizard PC mini-review
TINY TIPS: Where to store sample libraries on your hard drives

MAR 2003: ... es0203.asp

Multi-user accounts for musicians
PartitionMagic 8.0 mini-review
TINY TIPS: deleting System Volume Information folders, disabling XP error reporting

APR 2003: ... es0403.asp

Glitches when running Cubase SX and GigaStudio together
Yamaha OPT (Open Plugin Technology) update
TINY TIPS: Verifying System Files

MAY 2003: ... es0503.asp

What make and type of system RAM your PC has
RAM ceilings in all versions of Windows
Workarounds if you want to install more than 512Mb under Win 98
Benefits of large amounts of RAM for musicians

JUN 2003: ... es0603.asp

Overview of PC 'silencing'
What to silence first
TINY TIPS: Cleaning up the Registry after changing PCI slots, MIDI Yoke/GigaStudio conflict under XP

JUL 2003: ... es0703.asp

Using a spare PC as a virtual synth rack
MIDI velocity curve changing
TINY TIPS: Aluminium cases don't act as huge heatsinks

AUG 2003: ... cnotes.htm

Windows Hardware Engineering Conference
Longhorn Audio, Video, & Control, Prototype Athens PC
Hyper Threading Update
TINY TIPS: Direct USB MIDI connections

SEP 2003: ... cnotes.htm

Cubase SX emulated MIDI driver problems
DirectX 9.0 and the PC Musician
TINY TIPS: USB Full Speed and Hi-Speed, preserving XP activations after re-installation, hiding Control Panel applets

OCT 2003: ... cnotes.htm

XP Page File - explanation, re-sizing or disabling, suitable sizes, moving the page file, defragmenting
TINY TIPS: CPU-Z - the simplest and free way to find out what processor and RAM is inside your PC

NOV 2003: ... cnotes.htm

Rebadged 'clone' PC laptops - the full story
Tweaking desktop replacement laptop RAM speeds and Throttle Ratio
TINY TIPS: Adjusting monitor refresh rates

DEC 2003: ... cnotes.htm

Millennium Centrino laptop mini-review
Power Schemes for optimum laptop performance with music applications
CPU Speed management - adaptive and degrade mode CPU throttling
Speedswitch utility to create custom Power Schemes
TINY TIPS: Standby vs Hibernatio
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