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For anything relating to music-making on Windows computers, with lots of FAQs. Moderated by Martin Walker.

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Postby Martin Walker » Thu Nov 06, 2003 8:33 am

JAN 2002: ... es0102.asp

The launch of Windows XP
Shareware spotlight - Cesare Ferrari's FM Heaven
HALion's Giga Import
TINY TIPS: Renaming VST plugin and instrument DLL files

FEB 2002: ... es0202.asp

The history of Windows - Win 95, 98, 98SE and Me for home users and musicians.
Windows for business users - NT 3.1 to 4.0, 2000
Windows XP - the consumer version of the Win NT family
TINY TIPS: How to run CD-ROMs with Auto Insert Notification switched off

MAR 2002: ... es0302.asp

Achieving a stable PC for music making
The benefits of creating a separate Windows partition for music
PowerQuest's BootMagic for an easier-to-use multi-boot system
Partition Magic 7.0 mini-review
TINY TIPS: Cubase VST 'Send Reset Data On Stop' crash cure

APR 2002: ... es0402.asp

Files that refuse to be copied into another folder - the problems caused by long file-names
'Can't access this folder. Path is too long' cure
Drive Image 5.0 mini-review
TINY TIPS: The Win-D 'desktop' shortcut, cleaning fan filters, XP's thumbnail files

MAY 2002: ... es0502.asp

Dismissing today's software because we don't spend enough time to get to know it properly
A new trend - slimming down software and hardware to simplify music making
Spring Cleaning your PC - Disk Cleanup, WashAndGo, deleting temporary audio-related files
TINY TIPS: disabling virtual memory under Win 98 with 512Mb of RAM

JUN 2002: ... es0602.asp

IBM Deathstar drives - a personal experience
Soundcard converters - you don't necessarily need an external box for professional quality
48-volt phantom power can be achieved from computer supply rails
TINY TIPS: Saving a selection of Web pages on a slower connection, disappearing applications when you unplug a second monitor

JUL 2002: ... es0702.asp

PowerSnooze noise reduction kit mini-review
BeatBurner loop resynthesis tool mini-review

AUG 2002: ... s0802(TEST).asp

Comparing analogue and digital mixers, software and hardware reverbs
Intel & AMD processors compared - compatibility, heat generation
PC reverb plugins, processor optimisations, tailoring CPU overheads.

SEP 2002: ... es0902.asp

Intel vs AMD latest developments
Waves version 3.5 with extensive CPU optimisation
TINY TIP: Testing plugin reverb quality using a special test file

OCT 2002: ... es1002.asp

P4 denormalisation problems explained
Software solutions for Sonar, added dither noise
TINY TIPS: Selectively disabling USB ports in multi-boot setups

NOV 2003: ... es1102.asp

PCI Express - the next generation of the PCI bus
Windows Service Pack 1 - what it contains
Installing updates the easy way - suggestions for software developers
TINY TIPS: Running Scandisk, dealing with lost file fragments

DEC 2002: ... es1202.asp

Curing the SW1000XG smiley EQ
Disabling the SMBus controller to gain an IRQ
Managing software updates
TINY TIPS: Email Hoax and Joke Program
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