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For anything relating to music-making on Windows computers, with lots of FAQs. Moderated by Martin Walker.

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Postby Martin Walker » Thu Feb 26, 2004 8:02 am

JAN 2000: ... cnotes.htm

RTFM (Read the F***ing Manual) - before you blame the software
Faster Surfing - 3COM/USR X2 vs Rockwell K65flex
Xteq X-Setup Utility
More Clients - Hubi's LoopBack, MultiMid, MIDI Thruway
TINY TIPS: Installing old DOS applications that don't recognise long folder names

FEB 2000: ... cnotes.htm

Wavelab 3.0/Cubase 3.71 Upgrades
TINY TIPS: Keeping track of software upgrades (organising and renaming Start menu contents)

MAR 2000: ... cnotes.htm

The Cost of the Millennium Bug
DirectSound Acceleration - the various levels explained

APR 2000: ... cnotes.htm

Norton Antivirus 2000 - long-winded install routines
Win 98 System File Checker
Spring Cleaning the Win 98 Registry - RegClean
TINY TIPS: Increasing Hard Drive Space by changing FAT32 cluster size

MAY 2000: ... cnotes.htm

Windows 2000 - different versions, driver support, WDM
Download Accelerator Plus - speeding up Internet downloads

JUN 2000: ... cnotes.htm

DirectX Files web site
K-v-R web site
LinPlug GakStoar Alpha & Delta
Fxpansion freeware DR-002 DrumPlayer
Safe Mode Cleanup - deleting references to redundant hardware
Processor Update - Celeron 600MHz, 1GHz Pentium III, Athlon 700MHz

JUL 2000: ... cnotes.htm

Major hard Drive Failure - trashed FAT (File Allocation Table)
In Search Of The Lost Data - Norton Utilities, DOS-based Disk Edit
SB Live! ASIO Drivers

AUG 2000: ... cnotes.htm

TaskInfo 2000 - real-time process viewer (CPU overhead for each running task)
File Monitor - monitoring system file activity (perfect for seeing what files get loaded when launching an application)
TINY TIPS: Write-behind caching - why you should leave it alone

SEP 2000: ... cnotes.htm

Win 98 Installation Pitfalls - mismatched DLL files, clean vs installing ‘over the top'
A Practical Example - Cubase 5.0 graphic corruption
The Safe Way to Uninstall
CleanSweep Utility

OCT 2000: ... cnotes.htm

QuietPC - A new range of PSUs, low-noise case fans
Athlon Power Supplies - what ‘AMD recommended' means
TINY TIPS: Abit BE6 IRQ Sharing problems, Highpoint driver compatibility problems

NOV 2000: ... cnotes.htm

The ABX Comparator - aural training (distortion, tone quality, loudness, EQ)
Cubase 5.01 Update - dongle problems with Opcode 8port/SE interface
TINY TIPS: Organising your VST plugins into nested folders

DEC 2000: ... cnotes.htm

Windows ME - what's in it for musicians? (Win 98 with the look and feel of Win 2000)
Native Instruments Pro-52 - new features
TINY TIPS: unplugging computers and modems during a thunderstor
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