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LINK 47: Easier Alternatives To Flagship Music Applications

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LINK 47: Easier Alternatives To Flagship Music Applications

Postby Martin Walker » Sat May 28, 2005 2:05 pm

Flagship sequencer apps are so packed with features that it could almost be a full-time job learning the package of your choice. If your needs are simpler, why not make it easy on yourself and investigate one of the many options that are more entry-level or cut-down, yet still remarkably capable?


Introduction - learning new features year by year versus jumping in at the deep end and feeling overwhelmed.

Sound Quality - Do budget audio applications provide lower audio quality or less reliable results?

Flagship Or Entry-level - What do you actually lose in entry-level versions of Cubase and Sonar?

Upgrade Paths - starting easy and moving up, 'crossgrade' paths, the options available.

The Software Studio - a single application that contains a virtual version of everything you might find in an electronic music studio.

Song Compatibility - moving from one package to another, OMF, Standard MIDI File format, the manual approach.

Mainly Audio - 'software multitrack tape recorder', through loop and pattern-based audio sequencing, to the more advanced forms of audio pitch/tempo manipulation.

Loop-based Apps - 'trackers', Sony Acid, Ableton Live

Related SOS Reviews - links to reviews of Ableton Live, Arturia Storm, Project 5, Sonar 4, FL Studio, Tracktion, Band-In-A-Box, Reason 2.5, and Cubase SX3.

Mostly MIDI - PG Music's Powertracks Pro, Voyetra's Record Producer MIDI, Band-In-A-Box.
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