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LINK 49: Hard Drive Defragmentation

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LINK 49: Hard Drive Defragmentation

Postby Martin Walker » Tue Jul 19, 2005 2:50 pm

Does defragmenting your hard drives, including the ones you use for recording audio, really result in better PC performance? Opinion is divided, so we take a considered look at the subject, as well as testing some of the most suitable 'defragger' utilities.


What's Fragmentation? - scattered file fragments, bringing them back together, the possible benefits of doing so.

Internal Disk Geometry - multiple platters and read/write heads, claims, cons, and real-world results.

Defragging Guidelines - Mac OS X vs Windows, Free Space, fragmentation thresholds, background and timed defragging.

When To Defrag An Audio Drive - natural interleaving of live multi-track recordings, audio editing, head thrashing, faster backup.

Microsoft's Bundled Defragger - limitations, low speed, refusal to defragment some files.

Defragging Tips - Free Space, creating several smaller partitions, separate 'Current Project' partition.

Executive Software Diskeeper 9 Pro - mini-review.

Raxco Software Perfect Disk Workstation - mini-review.

O & O Defrag 6.5 - mini-review.

HDD Health - freeware failure-prediction agent mini-review.

Final Thoughts - general advice, checking fragmentation levels, the best defragger utility for the PC Musician.
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