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For anything relating to music-making on Windows computers, with lots of FAQs. Moderated by Martin Walker.


Postby Martin Walker » Thu Jul 03, 2008 9:36 pm

JAN 2005:

Processor Wars - the introduction of multiple-core technology

Emu Power FX - DSP effects as VST plug-ins

RightMark Audio Analyser 5.4

FEB 2005:

CD Burning Problems

GigaStudio 3.03 Update

GS3 Plug-in Tips

Cubase SX3 Dongle Update

Tiny Tip - organising your USB Devices

MAR 2005:

PC Processing Power - The End Of The Dragster

Great Expectations - musicians that push the envelope, mastering new technologies

Small Can Be Good - reducing choices that bog down creativity.

Tiny Tips - Cutting Windows XP Booting Time

APR 2005:

Solving DirectMusic Problems in SX/Nuendo - Jay Levitt's MIDItime utility

GigaStudio 3 News

GS3 Workarounds - disabling unwanted ReWire MIDI ports, GS3 FX cutout fix.

Fabulous Freebies - modelled instruments from xoxos including the Breath Cube.

MAY 2005:

Maximum RAM

Taskbar Tips - the /3GB switch, LAA flag.

Flat Issues - latest TFT monitors

Native Resolution - optimum monitor size versus viewing distance

JUN 2005:

From 32-bit To 64-bit - Windows XP Pro x64 Edition, the benefits

Caveat Emptor - 64-bit audio drivers

Free GigaStudio 3 FX presets

More Fabulous Freebies - Acousmodules, don't get your head around the sounds, but the sounds around your head.

JUL 2005:

DIY Fault-Finding - narrow down the cause, hints & tips

Windows XP Themes

Skins & Alternative Desktops

Theme Saving Problems

Sound Schemes

Tiny Tips - Windows Run shortcuts

AUG 2005:

M For Mobile - Pentium M processors

The Mobile Desktop - Centrino processors in desktop motherboards

Pentium M Desktop Adaptor

Tiny Tips - defragging multiple partitions/drives using BAT files

SEP 2005:

PCI Express Peripheral Problems

PCI Express Audio Issues

Motherboard Advice

Apple Intel Macs

OCT 2005:

The fabulous Firefox browser - increased security & customising

Microsoft Vista News

MIDI Fish utility mini-review

NOV 2005:

Multi-User Accounts - benefits and limitations

User Account Tweaks

'Documents and Settings' folder, user presets...

Automatic Logging On

DEC 2005:

Windows XP Pro x64 Edition - early adopter experiences

The Perfect Audio Interface - manufacturer suggestions, including transformer-coupled outputs and analogue output level controls

SoundFonts Live Again With SynthFont
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