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For anything relating to music-making on Windows computers, with lots of FAQs. Moderated by Martin Walker.


Postby Martin Walker » Fri Jul 04, 2008 1:25 am

JAN 2006:

Is Your PC Secure?

Malicious Software Defined

Spyware Doctor

PC Audio Driver News

Microsoft Vista News

FEB 2006:

IRQ Sharing Problems - why they rarely cause problems nowadays

PCI Express Update - sharing the bus and PCI audio problems

Foxit PDF Reader

Partitioning Revisited - controversy about the outer 'current project' partition

MAR 2006:

Harbal 2.0 with IntuitQ reviewed

Windows Driver Model - the most suitable audio driver

ASIO Confusion - choosing between WDM/KS & ASIO

Tiny Tip - auto-naming of zip files

APR 2006: ... s_0406.htm

Is your PC Vista-Ready?

Vista Graphic Requirements

Vista RAM & Drives

Voxengo Elephant

Cut Price Cables

MAY 2006: ... s_0506.htm

Battery Life in Core Duo Laptops - Banias, Yonah...

The USB Battery Life Bug

More Dongle Issues - the importance of installing the very latest drivers

NanoTechnology - Small Wonders, Moore's Law

JUN 2006: ... s_0606.htm

Dongle Safety Tips

The Rime Of The Ancient Floppy - how to read/write/format ancient Roland, Ensoniq, & Emu sample disks on a PC

Preserve Your Presets When Upgrading

JUL 2006: ... s_0706.htm

Benchmark Tests


ASIO Driver Issues- the re-load bug

AUG 2006: ... s_0806.htm

Bus-Powering USB & FireWire peripherals

PCMCIA to Firewire Adaptors

Cubase Compatibility - transferring files from SX/SL to Cubase SE

Tiny Tips - Cursor XP Audio problems

SEP 2006: ... s_0906.htm

Introduction to Core 2 Duo processors

AMD X2 dual-core processors

AMD Socket AM2

Tiny Tips - Custom Key Launching

OCT 2006: ... s_1006.htm

Windows XP Service Tweaks - a warning

USB Shenanigans - unrecognised USB peripherals

CEntrance latency Test Utility

NOV 2006: ... s_1106.htm

Altiverb on the PC - Mac/PC differences

Tighter MIDI Timing - freeware MIDItest utility

Tiny Tips - Audio Glitching when pushing your PC to the edge

DEC 2006: ... s_1206.htm

Firewire Chip Compatibility

Audio Interface Manufacturer Recommendations

Which Service Pack?

Windows XP Media Center Problems

PC Wizard Utility
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