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For anything relating to music-making on Windows computers, with lots of FAQs. Moderated by Martin Walker.


Postby Martin Walker » Fri Jul 04, 2008 2:02 am

JAN 2007: ... s_0107.htm

DirectX Plug-ins & Cubase 4 - support dropped

DX-only Plug-ins

Getting Wrapped Up - freeware wrappers that allow DX plug-ins to be used in Cubase 4

DX Project Management - converting DX-using Cubase SE/SL/SX projects to Cubase 4

Notebook Battery Overheating ALert

FEB 2007: ... s_0207.htm

Windows Vista - should you upgrade or wait?

Increased Security, Aero Graphics, Main Features, available versions

Passing The Driver Test - digital signing of 64-bit Vista drivers.

Plug-in Spotlight - KV331 Audio's Synth Master

MAR 2007: ... s_0307.htm

Available 64-bit Vista drivers

Digital Rights Management worries

Putting The Boot In - Boot Managers compared

Tiny Tips - how to check whether elderly applications are using dual-core processors to the full

APR 2007: ... s_0407.htm

Drive Tricks - how to transferring data from a hard drive from an old PC to a new one

Preset Preservation - finding and transferring your application and plug-in preset data

Box Clever - organising challenge/response protection

Vista News & Performance

Conroe Dual-core Performance Test Results

Tiny Tips - Firewalls & Low-level utility problems

MAY 2007: ... s_0507.htm

The Slot Machine Gamble - PCI version problems on modern motherboards

5-volt and 3.3-volt signalling and elderly soundcard issues

Acustica Audio Nebula 2 Free review

JUN 2007: ... s_0607.htm

Cubase 4 Preset Management - FXP/FXB limitations

Converting existing preset libraries to Cubase 4 format

Spyware Doctor 5.0 review

Shareware Spotlight - Golden ASET

JUL 2007: ... s_0707.htm

AMD-Intel Price War

HarBal 2.3 Review

Shareware Spotlight - Reaper Updates

AUG 2007: ... s_0807.htm

Speeding Up The Windows XP Booting Process

Autoruns Utility

Pre-Fetch Myths

Windows XP Shutdown Times - Registry tweaks

SEP 2007: ... s_0907.htm

On-line CPU Speed Converter utility

Cubase, Nuendo & Vista Performance

L-Factor II Benchmark Test

Sonar & Vista - WDM/KS driver improvements after installing Windows update

OCT 2007: ... s_1007.htm

Virus Checking- freeware virus checkers compared

On-Demand Virus Checking - how to disable background checking when running audio applications

Virus Double Checking - checking suspicious files on-line

Tiny Tips - Remove Hotfix Backups utility

Shareware Spotlilght - NuSofting's Harptime Pro

NOV 2007: ... s_1107.htm

Steinberg VST ID's Explained

Missing Plug-Ins - multiple plug-ins with the same ID

Obscure ID Issues - VST ID changes between software versions

The Developer's Dilemma - multiple versions on same machine, or one ID suits all?

ID Hacking - how to change a VST ID to make plug-ins reappear

Tiny Tip - automatic clock problems with multiple booting PCs

DEC 2007: ... s_1207.htm

Bit Transparency - Kernel Mixer Problems

Bypassing the KMixer

Digital Decisions - how to avoid DSP changes and achieve bit transparency

Clear & Simple - how to check if your audio is bit-transparent

RightMark Audio Analyser 6 review
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