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E-Mu 1212M drivers finally not working

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Re: E-Mu 1212M drivers finally not working

Postby quikaj » Sat Nov 10, 2018 9:35 am

Hey I was wondering if anyone here might be able to help me out. I just got an E-mu 1212M PCIe sound card. I am running Vista x64 Home Premium, Quad-Core 1.8GHz, 5GB ram. I was running on an e-mu 0404 standard PCI card before. I uninstalled the old card and the the drivers completely before trying to install my new card. Put in the new card installed the drivers and the patch mix dsp program, but every time I try to play sounds in winamp or Internet Explorer or any other source that runs on the wave channel, after about a min the whole computer locks up followed by a high pitch sound and then my screen pixel-ating forcing me to do a hard power off. Anyone got any Ideas I have been messing with this for almost a week now. Thanks!
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Re: E-Mu 1212M drivers finally not working

Postby quikaj » Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:43 am

Scramble wrote:Thanks for the thoughts.

Yes, E-Mu cards, judging by the 1212M, provide good performance at a great price (if you ignore the lapsed driver situation). I also used to have an Echo card (Mia) and agree with your comments, great cards which proved to be too good for the price.

I do use W10 Pro, not Home, and I'm delaying the major updates, mainly because the major updates won't install on my machine anyway. (I thought removing the 1212M would solve this issue, but it hasn't).

>Go back to using WIndows 7
I've been thinking about doing that today. W10 seems more hassle than W7 ever was, and doesn't really offer me anything that I couldn't do in W7. But that means problems the other way, with software that eventually won't run on W7. Not sure it's the worth the hassle of going back to W7 at this stage just for one cheap soundcard. And re-installing a new OS, whether W7 or W10, means an incredible amount of time and hassle re-installing and re-authorizing my stupidly huge amount of software, which I don't have time for at the moment.

>Upgrade to an RME interface.
i tagight too
I'll get a new RME when I need a new primary interface, but I don't have the money for an RME at this point.

>You may also try rebooting Windows 10 a few times.

Done that a lot. Didn't help. But I may try re-installing the 1212M in a few days. Or I may just sell it.
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Re: E-Mu 1212M drivers finally not working

Postby Keyman777 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 7:54 pm

I'm a noob on here so apologize 4the rant & if this hasn't been covered b4. Sometimes what has worked for me with the 1212m is after uninstall and reinstalls of emu driver on win 7 or 10 it's hit or miss. Sometimes moving the card to another slot if available does the trick. I had it working on win7 for the longest time then motherboard failure after 8yrs. Tried installing on new motherboard & a no go. Put it in a win 10 machine that didn't use to read it & all of a suddin it works yrs later. I also have an orig Rme babyf on the same computer switching for tracking certain ins & outs or mixing purposes. To me the Rme has a little more bottom, a little diff soundstage . Not huge diff have gotten used to both of them. Still Now today both are still very usable & great for$. Have a few more setups with diff interfaces but still they all get used & sound great.

Squinting my eyes and raising my eyebrows on pitchy vocals has become a standard with many years of recording in studios b4 applying pitch correction. That sometimes I find myself walking around and doing those 1st 2things mentioned that my wife says are you making beats again with your eyes & brows or happy to see me!
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