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Cubase Device Manager Generic Remote

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Cubase Device Manager Generic Remote

Postby OneWorld » Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:18 pm

I use several controllers which have been set up using the Generic Remote.

When setting up a controller I am aware that it is important to 'export' the file which is an XML file.

What confuses me is if for example I I have 3 controllers.......


and I am setting up a fourth, and I export the set up, does the resulting XML file include the existing settings for C1, C2, C3 or do those own files exist in their own right as separate files?

Yes I understand there are separate files I have created (exported) when setting up C1, C2, C3 but which file is loaded when Cubase starts up? is the setup created when setting up C4 appended to an existing XML file?

And.....which file does Cubase default to when it is starting up/opening a project, where is that file kept, or does Cubase go straight to the folder where I exported the XML files to?

Also I am having trouble with my eLicenser(another post) I am trying to join Cubase Forums and am asked to enter my email so an activation can be sent, but even though I have tried 3 times, the activation email never arrives - yes I have checked the junk mail folder etc
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