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Alphatrack, Faderport mouse tracking

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Alphatrack, Faderport mouse tracking

Postby OneWorld » Tue Feb 12, 2019 7:29 pm

I have managed to get what for me is a useful setup. I have a Launchpad set up in Cubase so I can select any of 32 tracks at random.

However, I also use an ICON QCON, but if for example the ICON is sat at say bank 2 (tracks 9-16) and using the Launchpad I select track 25 (first track in bank 4) the ICON does not change banks, the track selections are only good within the bank the ICON is sat at.

So I thought I'll get an Alphatrack or Faderport, so in theory, I can use the Launchpad to select any track at random and Alphatrack/Faderport will follow that selection (and the same applies if I selected a track from the Mixer in Cubase with the mouse)

However I have read on t'internet that the Alphatrack/Faderport will only follow track changes within the current bank, in other words acting in an identical manner to the ICON, so the whole point of my being able to select any track at random with the Launchpad is defeated.

Could anyone confirm whether the Alphatrack/Faderport (or other similar gizmo) will or will not follow track selection outwith the current bank?

I am trying to mimmick the operation of the Softube Console where any of 40 tracks can be selected at random and all the controls for the channel strip become active (although I do not know if the volume level of the Cubase Mixer can be controlled with the Softube. I have managed to get inserts of any random track to work, but not the Mixer volume/pan etc
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