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PC upgrade time, questions about CPU and Motherboard

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PC upgrade time, questions about CPU and Motherboard

Postby Jez Corbett » Wed Feb 27, 2019 2:16 pm

My Intel i7 3770 is starting to creak a little bit, which I'm quite .impressed by considering it's like over 5 years old now, and I'm looking to upgrade.

Was considering the AMD Threadripper chips as I thought lots of cores would be excellent for audio, but apparently that's not quite the case which is a shame as I used to be a massive AMD fanboy lol, so I guess it's sticking with Intel for now.

So questions is:

1. Is now a good time to be buying an Intel CPU? Is there a new bunch just around the corner?
2. What is a good price/performance ratio for Intel CPUs right now?
3. What would be an appropriate motherboard?

Note as well as audio I run games (I do sound for games! I'm allowed!) so I'll be sticking an Nvidia 2060 in there as well so something that scuppers game performance would not be appropriate.
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Re: PC upgrade time, questions about CPU and Motherboard

Postby Pete Kaine » Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:01 pm

1, Always more on the way, but I'm not expecting anything game changing from Intel over the next few months.

2, 9900K at £500

3, I'm on the Asus Primes currently.
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