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Back again Win10/Cubase10

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Back again Win10/Cubase10

Postby OneWorld » Sat Jun 22, 2019 5:33 pm

I thought I had it fixed ICON QCON/Win10/Cubase10

I'd updated Win10, installed Cubase 10, then my ICON QCON stopped working - I'd used for about 3 years previous with no problem whatsoever, but in the end I got it working. I made a restore point and took a drive image, so far so good, but..............

I turn the PC off, and all my MIDI stuff, shut down the power for the day.

Then I turn on again, start Cubase and the ICON is not working again. I run System Restore and all is well.

So there is obviously something odd happening when I shut down Windows, is there sort of some procedure when WIn10 shuts down that writes files but somehow the file that deals with USB MIDI is reverting to an old one instead of the newer working one?

I have noticed that if I start Win10 up with the ICON turned off, and then once booted I turn the ICON on then it works. I have 6 USB MIDI devices, only the ICON and I have just noticed my Launchpad are affected. The rest of the stuff works just as it always did.

OK now I have found I do not have to run System Restore each time I boot up, just turn the ICON on last is no big deal but I'd like to now why since I updated to Win10, I cannot switch all my devices on and then boot up, the LaunchPad having no power switch so I have to unplug and plug it in when Win10 boots up

Any ideas?
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