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Is anyone using a Focusrite Forte in Windows ?

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Is anyone using a Focusrite Forte in Windows ?

Postby 2pods » Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:19 pm

Good old Forte was rock solid in Windows 7, but though it seems fine running Cubase10 Pro and Studio One 4 Pro in Win10 on the same upgraded computer, things are not so rosy with any standalone Toontrack stuff.
Both EZ Drummer 2 and EZ Keys let me select the Forte driver, but crash when I access ASIO control, telling me about a crash dump file.

I knew the Forte had been discontinued in 2014, but contacted Focusrite anyway who confirmed there would be no Windows 10 driver, but offered me a couple of beta drivers to try.

On contacting Toontrack, and providing them with the screen shot and crash dump file they said basically all it did was reference the driver.

Just wondering if anyone else has had any similar bother ?

System is: Intel I7 3770 Ivy Bridge 3.4, 16gb DDR3, Samsung EVO 1TB SSD, GeForce 1050Ti 4GB gddr5 graphics card.

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Re: Is anyone using a Focusrite Forte in Windows ?

Postby CS70 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:40 am

I used to use it all the time, haven't now for about a year.

But I set up a new laptop just last week and I intend to take it back into use - the form factor and quality are just too good and while experimenting with other ways has been technically successful, I missed the the ability of recording directly to the same DAW project I'll then use for mixing. So will give it another go. And get a babyface if it doesn't work :D

Focusrite now claims that the Forte is W10 compatible, so I downloaded the last software. Haven't yet used it tough. I have EZ drummer (albeit not on that laptop) and will give it a test. It may be worth contacting them again.

Keep in mind that buggy ASIO drivers are usually so because they depend on the order and timing of the client operations (when they shouldn't). It may well be that the way the execution flow of Toontrack standalone is different enough from what the DAWs do that the driver can't cope.

So to fix the problem you might need to act as a broker between Toontrack and Focusrite, asking the former if they can provide the latter with the specific code (or sequence of operations) of their ASIO client bit, so that Focusrite can test. It's a long shot, but these are small companies who usually value customer satisfaction so worth trying.

Also, for what I remember, Focusrite simply customizes an off the shelf driver which comes with the chipset and is therefore produced by another manufacturer. So they may have limited scope of action even if they figure out what the bug is.
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Re: Is anyone using a Focusrite Forte in Windows ?

Postby 2pods » Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:23 pm

Thanks for your very informative post.

Focusrite have since asked me to confirm it only happens so far with stand alone EZDrummer 2 and EZKeys.

Both behave normally inside Cubase 10 Pro, and Studio One 4 Pro. Also fine with NI Komplete 12, so it's not bothering me that much just now, but there are times when you either can't use, or don't need a full DAW.

I was thinking of a Babyface too, but the expense can't be justified yet :bouncy:
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