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Noob Q: UMC22, no input level on Windows 10

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Noob Q: UMC22, no input level on Windows 10

Postby funcrew » Fri Aug 09, 2019 2:35 am


Neewer NW700 wired into Behringer UMC22 sound card via 1/4 inch input jack. UMC22 to Windows 10 laptop via USB cable. Windows indicates that the drivers are working correctly. UMC22 "line in" is set as default for recording. But speaking into the microphone does not register any bars at system tray/speaker icon/sound/recording. Visually, the setup at this screen looks good, with the device identified properly and set as default. On the UMC22, I have 48-volt phantom power turned on and all level knobs set to midpoint. I know the UMC22 is alive; the LEDs light up and Windows recognizes the device.

I will be using Filmora9 to record Youtube voiceovers. Have confirmed that selecting the Behringer UMC22 device in the Filmora9 looks like it's functioning normally, but does not record any sound. I can record this way using the built in laptop speaker and it works normally.

I have exhausted the online troubleshooting guides, do you folks have further steps you would recommend?
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Re: Noob Q: UMC22, no input level on Windows 10

Postby CS70 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:20 pm

UMC22 "line in" is set as default for recording.

I have never used any such equipment, but unless the mic has an inbuilt preamp, that setting is wrong. You have told the interface to record from line input, but you need to set it to record from "microphone input" or whatever it's called.

Line inputs are (more or less) for already pre-amplified signals, mic inputs for much weaker mic-level signals, which need to go thru a preamp to be - well - pre-amplified :)

Apparently the mic comes with a XLR-to-jack cable (god knows why) but it will still output a mic level signal which will need to go into the preamp (hence "mic input")

You're not hearing anything because there's nothing on the line in (or a very very weak signal, which is almost the same)
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Re: Noob Q: UMC22, no input level on Windows 10

Postby Hugh Robjohns » Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:56 pm

By plugging the mic into the interface via a 1/4-inch plug you have:

(a) connected it to am instrument/line input rather than a mic input
-- there will not be sufficient gain available to raise the mic signal to audibility

(b) denied the mic access to phantom power which it needs to make it work since phantom is only provided on the XLR input socket.

So, if you don't already have an XLR-XLR cable, get one and use it! At least then the signal will be usable from the interface.

You then just need to configure the software appropriately, which you might already have done... but just in case:

Download in install all drivers (including asio4all) for UMC22.

In Filmora go to the record audio page and make sure you have selected the appropriate device as the audio source. If there's more than one option for the UMC, try them all!

In the input box select the appropriate Mic input...

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