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Windows clean install after major system upgrade

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Re: Windows clean install after major system upgrade

Postby hardminder » Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:26 am

n o i s e f l e ur wrote:Has it been determined that the OP is going with a 570? There seems to be support for Win 7 64bit for the 470.

Not that I disagree with the advice to go Win 10 - personally I think that would be best, and if the OP has to purchase a new license then absolutely 100% Win 10.

Yes I'm going with a 570 noisefleur. I had alredy made my mind about that. I'm now seriously considering moving to W10.

resistorman wrote: If you want to keep things as they are, why change in the first place? If you are comfortable, stay put. If you need to move on, jump in and let go of the past

That's a great motivational statement, thanks :lol: (I'm quite serious)

ef37a wrote: Start the new machine afresh with W10 and keep the old one as is.

Yes I would like to and that would probaly make things easier but the thing is I'm upgrading my system, not building a seperate one from scratch. Some of the components will stay the same (PSU, GPU, HDD, computer case) so I wont have 2 computers running a the same time. I thought about getting a cheap GPU, PSU, HDD and case and sell my old machine for 3-400$ to cover a part of the latest purchase but I'm just afraid I'll get stuck with it. AND I already went way over the inital 700$ budget even without taking into account the W10 license.

Thank you all guys for you amazing response. I've been more active on my other thread but I seem to have sorted pretty much everything system upgrade related for now.

Now, if you feel like it you guys can just throw any ideas, suggestions, hints and tricks at me on how to proceed from preparing for my backups to the clean install, new OS set up. I have a good idea of how to do it but I'm sure some of you guys have tricks up your sleeves I don't even know exist. Keep in mind, It's my first major upgrade/build, first clean install. 7 years ago before buying my now old PC I was working on hardware only. I have changed drive/gpu/sound board before and I know wires so the hardware set up doesn't worry me too much but the soft side of it is what makes me uncomfortable.

I know there's YouTube an Google and I'm already on that but you knwo having a custom response sometimes is the best and you guys been amazing from the first day I posted here, really I wasn't expecting a 10th of the help I received, I wouldn't have been able to get all that infomation by myself. Thanks a lot again!
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