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Migration from FL Studio - best DAW for my specific needs

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Migration from FL Studio - best DAW for my specific needs

Postby frnsh » Tue Dec 10, 2019 11:19 am

Hey guys,

first off, sorry for another this kind of topic, but I’m really starting to get lost in all of the DAWs I’ve tried so far. Second, this is my first post, so thanks for running this forum.

To my question — I’ve been using FL Studio actively for ~2 years and I really love it for making all kinds of beats.
The problem comes with more complex projects. As I locally work with rappers as a producer as well as their sound engineer, it often happens that my project file contains both the whole mixed beat with routing and active FXs as well as all of the effected, routed and sidechained vocals audio tracks.
FL Studio doesn’t seem to handle these big files well.
The automatic plugin delay compensation starts to be inaccurate every single time and setting it up manually drives me crazy. The mixer console also isn’t the best for this specific workflow. Also, the customization tools are terribly limited.

CPU isn’t an issue for me and I love the flexibility to tweak various settings or the beat here and there throughout the song creation process. That’s why I try to avoid bouncing the tracks/midi and usually have just one final render during the whole song production.
I’d describe my general workflow as making the beat, recording the vocals, then tweaking the beat around the vocals a little bit more and finally mixing and mastering.

So far, I’ve tried Reaper, which I admire for the amazing customization options, but I feel like the beat creation/MIDI options isn’t that enjoyable, intuitive & fast. Overall, I just feel it isn’t the best pick for a beat production. I could use ReWire, but having the whole beat in one audio track isn’t that comfortable and I’d have to fire up the rewired FL studio everytime I’d want to tweak something. Plus it’s really ugly lol (themes didn’t help) and the stock plugins lack the visual GUI which I got quite used to.

Studio One is another option alongside with Cubase (which is the only one I have not tried yet). I haven’t spent that much time in Studio One - the trial version is rather short for me and the Prime version is really way too limited. Is there anyone who uses it for the kind of all around workflow I described earlier?

How about the Cubase for the all around large project file process? Would the Artist version be enough for my needs? I’m still a student and can’t really afford the Pro version, not happy about the 0.5 paid updates either.

Now, I have quite a few options available and I know there isn’t the overall winner, but I’d like to take any opinion of yours or maybe someone with the similar or even the same workflow could share his experience.

Which solution would you guys recommend?

Thanks alot!
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Re: Migration from FL Studio - best DAW for my specific needs

Postby blinddrew » Tue Dec 10, 2019 11:22 pm

Worth having a look at both cakewalk and ableton live. Cakewalk is free and I think Ableton do a reasonable demo package.

P.S. welcome to the forum. :)
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Re: Migration from FL Studio - best DAW for my specific needs

Postby CS70 » Wed Dec 11, 2019 5:28 pm

One option would be to keep making beats on FL - mostly because you're so used to it that it'd be painful to change, then bounce them into one or more stems and use that for mixing someplace else.

As Drew wrote, Cakewalk is free and is rock solid for large projects. It's also experiencing a renaissance in development after Bandlab took it over from Gibson, with new versions being released every month or so and really adding and improving the functionality, it's already way better than the Gibson version, which already was a flagship DAW.
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