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"American Megatrends, Chassis Intruded, Fatal Error, System Halted"...?!

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Re: "American Megatrends, Chassis Intruded, Fatal Error, System Halted"...?!

Postby n o i s e f l e ur » Wed Feb 19, 2020 11:08 pm

I'd disable any power management by the BIOS / UEFI and let Windows handle it. From there you can configure some profiles, one for audio work and a more eco-friendly one for pottering about. You can switch between these easily on the fly.

Either way, let Windows handle the power management. Same applies to any ASUS utility software for system management or tuning or power / fan control - you're better off without any of that junk on the machine both from a stability and performance viewpoint, and security / privacy.
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Re: "American Megatrends, Chassis Intruded, Fatal Error, System Halted"...?!

Postby Pete Kaine » Thu Feb 20, 2020 12:54 pm

Elephone wrote:Ah! Sorry, I thought you meant you store the [.ROM] file on you phone's memory or something! I was joking about the flash. Yes, I might do that. Cheers.

To be fair, flash in this instance was pretty ambiguous.

Elephone wrote:The bundled ASUS software that offered ECO power management caused blue screen crashes that went away when I uninstalled it. I just pay the extra electricity instead I suppose. Not a hi-tech solution either.

Ahhh, as noted above, never install that management software on an audio system, none of the firms ever seem to invest in good quality control software, it tends to be DPC glitch provoking at the best of times so the BSOD isn't really surprising me.

Set your fan curves in the BIOS rather than letting the software try and do it, it'll probably allow you to run them slower doing it that way anyway.
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