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Fix for clicks when moving mouse

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Fix for clicks when moving mouse

Postby Cowboy Unit 5 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 6:44 pm

On my desktop PC (specs below) I was hearing clicks occasionally. Eventually I figured out that I could reproduce the clicks by moving my mouse around.

The issue happened both with a Firewire interface (ECHO AudioFire12) and later with a USB-2 interface (RME UFX II).

This is a posting of a solution that I haven't seen while searching on the SOS forum.

The fix, one setting in regedit :
in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse
Set MouseTrails to -1
And you'll need to log out and log back in again at least.

The link below explains that "The reason why this helps is because it disables GPU hardware accelleration (sic) of the mouse pointer and the NVidia hardware is the culprit here."

Part of why I'm posting this now is because this month's SOS (April 2020) has a laptop review where the laptop is experiencing dropouts when the author was touching the touchscreen and it also has NVidia hardware The reviewer solved it by turning off cpu turbo mode and found that there were other benefits (heat) he was seeing from turning off turbo mode on a laptop, so maybe that's the best solution in his case. ... uo-ux581gv

Cowboy Unit 5

My PC specs:
Power Options set to "High Performance" with both Minimum and Maximum processor state set to 100%
Windows 10 Pro build 1903
Ableton Live 10
Intel i7-8700 @3.2GHz
ASUS Prime Z-370A mobo
DDR4 2666 CL13 = Kingston HyperX HX426C13PB3K2/16 - 16GB (8GB 1G x 64-Bit x 2 pcs.)
Firewire card: SYBA SY-PEX30016
Cowboy Unit 5
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