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Cubase 10 Artist - Is there a way to entirely remove the lower section (MixConsole area)?

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Cubase 10 Artist - Is there a way to entirely remove the lower section (MixConsole area)?

Postby Rhys Llewellyn » Sun Apr 12, 2020 12:48 am

EDIT - Typical, isn't it. Once you ask for help, you stumble across the solution!! For anyone else that has the same problem, to hide the bottom area, it's in the top right area of the screen!

Sorry, I would delete this post to save wasting people's time, but I can't find an obvious way to?

I'm not a big fan of having the mixer fixed down the bottom, nor using it for editing my MIDI tracks. I find it's too small to be worthwhile and I will invariably end up expanding it to full screen anyway. I also use 3 monitors, but I want to reclaim back some of the vertical space and reserve the middle monitor just for the main project area window and have my mixer in full screen on my right monitor and other bits and bobs like VSTs and plugins on the left monitor.

By default, the lower section shows the mixer. You can also switch between Editor, Sampler Control and Chord Pads. I have tried removing all 4, but once you try and remove the last one, they all re-appear! You also cannot resize it below the standard height of the faders.

I've tried clicking the arrow on the top right of the lower section to expand the mixer. It does indeed expand the mixer to my other monitor, but the mixer in the lower section remains. I've also tried clicking the cog wheel close to said arrow and removing everything there from view.

I'm not sure whether this is relevant or not, but I am running my monitors using Nvidia's Surround mode, meaning software running on my computer sees a single resolution (5760 x 1080), on a single monitor, as opposed to 3 individual monitors running at (1920 x 1080 each).

Any ideas please?

Thanks :)
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Re: Cubase 10 Artist - Is there a way to entirely remove the lower section (MixConsole area)?

Postby Exalted Wombat » Sun Apr 12, 2020 1:09 am

If it's the same as full Cubase, the switches for the side and bottom zones are here, top right-hand corner of the main Cubase window:

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