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ASIO4ALL questions...

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ASIO4ALL questions...

Postby HashAsh » Mon Apr 13, 2020 6:49 pm

Hi all.

I'm using ASIO4ALL in my Windows setup while I wait for my mac & just had a few questions if you could help me please.

I am aggregating (Windows ASIO4ALL v2 style at least) a few audio devices & would REALLY love to know if it's possible to arrange/change the list of audio devices in ASIO4ALL configuration? Like anyway possible? Whether it be a Regedit way or some other way?

Also does ASIO4ALL have a limit on the number of active inputs/outputs ?

I tried uninstalling the drivers/audio devices & connecting/reinstalling 1 by 1 in preferred order which worked in the ASIO4ALL list but went to a random order after I had shutdown PC. Was VERY nicely layed out when it did work.

Thanks for your time,
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