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Well done Corel (div' Avid)

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Well done Corel (div' Avid)

Postby ef37a » Tue May 19, 2020 8:49 am

The DVD burner on my Panasonic Freeview HDD/DVD recorder had finally given up the ghost leaving me with hours of garden videos I could not dump off.
I dug out a Dazzle Vid to USB interface I bought from Maplin years ago but could not find the driver disc. Much hacking around the internet failed to find one either (a few sites SAY they have the drivers but are merely tricks to get you to dld a Driver Finder app.)

So, email to Pinnacle and a few days later a chap from Corel came back with a page of drivers for all their products including the Dazzle.

The driver will not work in W10 but no matter, W7 64bit is just dandy.

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