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Long time mac user switching to windows- problems

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Long time mac user switching to windows- problems

Postby claytushaywood » Wed May 20, 2020 9:24 am

I'm having latency issues! of course... but I mean bad- like I cant even fire a kick drum from ableton live lite with a borrowed launchpad (recent model I think)

I'm a longtime mac user and just a novice recording, guitar fx nerd, tube amp builder, magnetic tape and analog devotee- but i've also really always loved digital- anyways I first got into ableton on a dell mini desktop in 2005 and it ran fine! I used a microkorg as a MIDI controller and the headphone jack for outputs- I used various medias for inputs- but mostly my dorm rooms amazing network. Anyways- I never really had problems. Good ole windows xp or whatever we were using back then. I really just used it for fun to make beats and techno and stuff. But I was never a serious musician or engineer.

then I switched to mac and w used garageband and began using more audio recording and live mic'd instrument recordings. Never had problems with my 2006 macbook (not pro), or my 2008 mac mini, then my 2012 mac mini.

Last year I got a windows laptop (at what I thought was a budget price- i'm an idiot now when it comes to computers)- I got it open box for $425- it has Intel Core i5 8th Gen 8250U (1.60 GHz quad core right?) 8 GB Memory 256 GB SATA SSD SSD Intel UHD Graphics 620 15.6" Windows 10 Home 64-Bit- 3x usb 3.0 ( i thought that would be a sweet upgrade over my boring old mac with thunerbolt 2.0 that I never used and firewire maudio 1814 which i Used to record 8 tracks simulataneously with my 2007 12" macbook and used to play guitar rig 2 live with tons of effects and looping.

I thought man quad core and an ssd- this is gonna be fast. Also I see now I bought it not very long after it came out (Maybe 6 months?) And it was pretty quick when I first started it up- after owning it about a month and using it mostly for business some personal. I got a good deal on a focusrite scarlett 2i2 usb audio interface. I just wanted to try out bias amp and bias fx after axeing a helix- and mic up some stuff- the biggest thing I ever got around to doing was running bias amp and trying to software monitor live.

I could not get it to do this remotely well on my laptop- I went through and disabled tons of drivers and software, checked for this and that, went into the bios, blah blah blah. I wasnt even using a daw- just a stand alone vst without a ton of effects- just really any amp and a speaker cab and maybe a couple pedals.

tons of latency- got into asio configuration and basically shut down every other part of my computer to the point where it was a pain in the ass if I ever wanted to use my bluetooth headphones with it again. still bad bad latency.

then I plug it into my mac mini from 2012- a mac mini that had been crashing repeatedly and was about to get the axe mind you. I mean I havent opened the mail app in like 2 years on this thing- I thought I had damaged it by leaving it on for too long- then it froze running hot for like 2 weeks when I was out of town. It was bad.

I plugged the focusrite up downloaded bias amp and fx- and it worked immediately- then I loaded ableton live lite and helix native and it worked perfectly fine after a little tweaking in abletons settings.

anyways- NOW- I just tried to open live lite on the laptop and use a novation launchpad x to mess around- really was getting into it to use a keystep and I figured a cheap way to get some VST effects on my synths. add guitars with them. use abletons midi effects and sequencer with keystep to go wild.

I tried to run impulse with the launcpad and I am getting i dont know like 200ms at least on a single kick- maybe 100ms- but once you try to drum a pattern out- forget it. not even close. I went and shut down all the stuff followed the guides again- but I am thinking the inability to fire a basic impulse kit is sort of ludicrous for a computer sold in the christmas market of 2019.

What am I doing wrong? Is this computer just not fast enough for windows 10 64 bit and a plug in like bias or ableton and a couple instances of impulse and analog. some effects.

Should I just go back to the mac- there's something really wrong with it like its not 1/5 of it was when new. and it still just folds the laptop in all these instances of trying to monitor audio.

Is there a definitive walk through on EVERYTHING to do to make windows ideal for audio production? THanks a bunch for reading I know its been asked to death but I never thought an 8 year older computer (which I bought used 5 years ago for like $500) would be better than a 6 month old computer.

the difference was so bad- there has to be something- like is there somewhere I can go and just disable all the malware- maybe reinstall windows without all the lenovo BS- maybe install a sound card in place of the DVD/r?

id like something semi portable- the mac mini was portable enough for me as a non professional musician- I dont understand how an ipad my buddy bought for $100 used can run a midi keyboard running some software pianos and synths and a live guitar effects rig (i think he was using amplitube) Ive seen him play it- he doesnt sound like he's dealing with lag. he sounds amazing.

Thanks again for any input on how I should proceed

my goals are just...
- be able to use live midi and soft synths- fire samples (I was hoping to loop and use reverbs on effects send in ableton and send out midi and all sorts of other stuff) but really Id just like to be to play some live instruments and record some multi take stuff with mostly direct monitoring when the track count gets up.

thanks a bunch!
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Re: Long time mac user switching to windows- problems

Postby Eddy Deegan » Wed May 20, 2020 5:25 pm

Which generation of the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 do you have, and have you installed the ASIO drivers for that model? Also, what version of Live are you running at the moment and have you made sure it's up to date with the latest fixes from Ableton?
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Re: Long time mac user switching to windows- problems

Postby Pete Kaine » Thu May 21, 2020 3:40 pm

What the learned gentleman above said...

Following those, did you also tick the "lower latency whilst recording" box?
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Re: Long time mac user switching to windows- problems

Postby ef37a » Thu May 21, 2020 4:43 pm

And, from my first gander at the June issue you are going to be stuffed for podcasting unless I have yet to come across a 'how to' for Windows?

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Re: Long time mac user switching to windows- problems

Postby MOF » Thu May 21, 2020 5:03 pm

It’s not clear if you’re using a hack of Ableton or did you buy a legitimate one, if not then that’s your first port of call.
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