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LINK 59: Quiet Please: Advanced PC Silencing

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LINK 59: Quiet Please: Advanced PC Silencing

Postby Martin Walker » Thu May 04, 2006 2:07 pm ... n_0406.htm

If you have to record in the same room as your PC, the acoustic noise the computer produces can be more than a mere irritant: it can also compromise sensitive recordings. We take a look at what you can do to restore peace.


Introduction - reasonably low-noise DIY solutions, customer expectations of commercial near-silent PCs.

Real-world Noise Floors - recording with mics in the same room as a PC, how to measure your own studio's noise floor.

Hints & Tips For Keeping Quiet - choosing components that dissipate less heat, avoiding exotic graphics cards, fitting 2.5-inch drives, grommets, fingerprint noise removal plugins, headphones.

Back To Basics - identifying the noisiest component, recommended PSUs, CPU coolers, hard drive silencing, case damping.

Should You Blow Or Suck? - PC cooling schemes, side panel fans, custom ducts.

Cupboard Love - placing your PC in another room, cable extension limitations, commercial and DIY isolation boxes.

Heatpipes & Water Cooling - how they work, DIY and commercial solutions.

Exotic Cases - case design, front panel noise limitations, case doors, Lian-Li PC6070, Antec P180, Zalman TNN TNN500A and 300, PaQ.

Further Information & Suppliers - links to web sites offering quiet components, reviews, or advice.
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