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Windows 10 updates and SSD

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Windows 10 updates and SSD

Postby adrian_k » Mon Nov 16, 2020 11:10 am

A while ago I upgraded my laptop HDD to SSD (Crucial MX500). No problems apart from I disabled the manufacturer's cache as I was getting occasional clicks on playback and this cured the problem.

However, every time W10 updates itself, next time I power up it can't find the hard drive and tries to boot from ethernet. BIOS boot priorities have not changed. If I power off and on again all is fine until the next update. It's annoying but not fatal, but I'm worried there is something waiting to blow up in my face.

I've done all of the checks the manufacturer support desk has suggested (mostly checking drivers and firmware are up to date) apart from chkdsk and re-cloning the original HDD again in case there were bad sectors. I can't see this as being very likely, and it will be a PITA to go back several months and have to re-update everything. But I will do it if I have to I guess.

Before I do that - anyone have any experiences like this? Any ideas? I'm not super technical but can follow instructions ;)
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