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Sonarworks Systemwide won´t "see" TotalMix inputs

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Sonarworks Systemwide won´t "see" TotalMix inputs

Postby manwilde » Tue Nov 17, 2020 2:34 pm

Hi all. I´ve just installed Systemwide on my home laptop, and got around the fact that you also need to set it up as a monitoring effect in Reaper, as the audio coming from the DAW doesn´t stream through the "Sonarworks Virtual Device".
So, audio from Reaper: VST Sonarworks. Audio from any other software: Systemwide app. But... I was expecting my audio inputs (mics, guitar, bass) would be passed through Systemwide when Reaper is not opened, but that´s not working. If I use record monitoring in Reaper I can hear the corrected audio input, though.
Am I doing something wrong, or is it just the way it is?.

Thanks for your help.
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