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Controller not 'receiving' messages

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Controller not 'receiving' messages

Postby OneWorld » Fri Jan 22, 2021 3:50 pm

I have an Icon single fader ontroller with which I have jettisoned the MCU protocol as it allows me more freedoms as configured the controls. Most convenient is the ability for the fader to 'follow' the selected track. Using the MCU protocol, when changing from one track to another, I have to manually operate the left or right fader control to take me to the selected track.

So with my own setup I have got the fader to follow the selected track, if for example I move from track 3 to track 7, the fader operates on the selected track.

But I cannot find a way to 'remember' the level, so if I go back to track 3, the fader doesn't automatically return to the level it was at before I moved to another track.

I am using Cubase 10, the controller fader moves the fader in the Cubase Mixer but not vice-versa, so it seems Cubase is not sending a message to the controller. The same seems to apply to the rest of the controls, the controller seems ot send but not receive

In the Cubase device setup I use FADER/Mixer/Selected/Volume

Any ideas?
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