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Dual Boot Window's OS on PC?

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Re: Dual Boot Window's OS on PC?

Postby CS70 » Sat Mar 06, 2021 11:52 am

The difficulty with Windows is that in the name of compatibility MS tends to keep the kitchen sink in terms of settings and where to configure them. Overall is a good thing, I'd hate to be subject to the same "sorry you have to buy it all over again" cycles as Macs, but the inconvenience is that cross-concern stuff like performance settings can be found all over the place. Adding to that, the amount of hardware combinations on which the system works fine is gigantic, so certain settings may not be made available at all.

Another bad habit of MS is that certain updates (especially the massive ones) tend to restore certain settings to default, and the thing is usually documented... but in line 57 of page 3 of release notes written in Times New Roman font size 9pt.

I can understand they whys and the tradeoffs (the updates need a baseline it'd be massively complex and costly to manage all user config changes in such an unbounded configuration space) but it's still annoying.

For example, I've had the "prioritize background tasks" setting on forever.. but the latest big update a few weeks ago reset it (together with other things) and I noticed only when my go-to 32 sample ASIO buffer size started giving me trouble the other day. Used a 64 samples instead, and after the session I went checking.. and there it was.

An alternative of course is to keep the system standalone and not networked. But I am not willing to pay the price (just in terms of manual plugin activation, for example)... and a system permanently networked comes with security holes that need to be closed - hence the need of constant updates.

So there's no really one answer that fits all situations. Sometimes stripping the system helps. Sometimes it depends on what you are gonna do. Disabling the HPET is great for a DAW but will glitch your driving experience with Assetto Corsa. There's no shortcut for knowledge.
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Re: Dual Boot Window's OS on PC?

Postby n o i s e f l e ur » Wed Mar 10, 2021 11:47 pm

There are absolutely configuration changes that benefit audio use - I'm certainly not against setting things up correctly or sensibly . . . what I was trying to say, but perhaps wasn't clear about, is there's no need to go to the extremes of the old "XP-Lite" route.

For those who aren't familiar with XP-Lite - it really was stripped of whole subsystems, swathes of the OS purged from the HDD entirely. It was essentially a homemade version of XP Embedded.

Hey CS70, not to challenge your claim but an honest request for info . . . have you ever managed to enumerate any benefit to the HPET-disabled config? I can't say I've ever found it to make the slightest bit of difference to audio performance or DPCs but ISTR something about MIDI timestamping that might be the crucial factor?

It's always been one of those where some people swear by it, others see no benefit at all so I wonder if it's just hardware / config dependent or are people looking in the wrong place for results?
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