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Studio DAW PC upgrade 2021

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Studio DAW PC upgrade 2021

Postby maartenl945 » Sat May 01, 2021 10:38 am

I just started a series of videos on my YouTube channel about upgrading my DAW PC in 2021. Are any of you doing or planning to do the same ? It's a bit of a crazy year w.r.t. silicon shortage and component prices .... :shock: Any opinions/tips/tricks ?

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Re: Studio DAW PC upgrade 2021

Postby uselessoldman » Sat May 01, 2021 1:13 pm

If it had been a specific DAW and music production rig I would have crucified your build but since you are also using it for video editing BUT not 3D rendering I will reserve judgement. You did not specify what software your using or type/size of video files and I only briefly looked at your build video part 2.

Can understand people going down the Intel route cos of Thunderbolt, but you can use a addon card for Ryzen and I would go Ryzen over Intel any day I guess a personal choice. But then my argument would be, Intel systems lack PCIx4 and for that reason alone I would go for AMD and since you are doing video editing which hammers all the subsystems, a no brainer.

Your board has dual M2, why not use both? 32Gb Ram why not, DDR4 Ram is currently cheap. The RTX 3060 16GB ?? maybe, maybe not its a seriously expensive card but I do not know what videos your trying to edit but is RTX really necessary? Its even questionable for gaming or for virtual reality headsets that can push any GPU to its limits. Come back in 3 or 4 years and I might revise my thoughts on it, but for now its in the main, a gimmick and marketing slogan. 8gb GPU for gaming is more than enough for most games even running at Ultra settings at 4k unless you are using multiple screens, I know that is what I use.

I use Factual cases cos I use a lot of hard drives, great cases if a little large (XL series) and damn heavy. Plenty of spaces for case fans which I need my cases are like radiators !!
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