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Recommended Pc Manufacturer

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Re: Recommended Pc Manufacturer

Postby Hugh Robjohns » Tue May 04, 2021 5:46 pm

I think you're right, but I can certainly understand your disappointment.

I'm still getting to grips with a new 3XS machine I bought a few weeks ago and still wading through the delights of installing and setting up endless software... Every few days I try to do something and realize I haven't loaded on the software for that yet... :lol:

But I have to say the internal build quality is exemplary and it all works perfectly (so far). To the original machine I've added a UAD quad card, some RME cards (my original AIO plus TCO module, and a new AIO Pro card), and it's happy driving a pair of Iiyama monitors directly from its on-board graphics.
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Re: Recommended Pc Manufacturer

Postby uselessoldman » Tue May 04, 2021 8:32 pm

Fortunately having worked in the computer industry I understand and appreciate organisation, which is strange considering IT always had the worst reputation over any department. All my plugin folders are split into individual vendors except VST3s, which I have just left as default install location and I rename all the original install folders so I know what version is currently installed.

Kontakt is easy I have two main folders Kantakt Authorised and the other Kontakt UnAuthorised. I do like Native Access, for once something that actually works.

But its the Soundbanks, wav sample and Presets owned used by plugins that really drive me mad. Some in pubic docs some in your own user docs some in the vstx64 dll folder some in Program Data others in Program FIles even Common FIles, they are all over the damn place. I have spent weeks going through my fav plugins sorting moving them all onto and into one soundbank partition/disk. It just makes adding expansions updating and especially backing them up so much easier and then I know exactly where they are and not hunting them down.

Now after a rebuild, I can copy the vendors specific Program FIles Folders including common, the Program Data folders and VST3 folder across, as the vst dll folders and soundbanks are still where they were when I configure the DAWs to target and search the custom vst folder almost everything works first time. Last time took me half a day before it took days.

Oh yes and then there is the licensing issue, curse swear eff in blind. Some are easy Native Access, Waves Central, Nexus Spectrasonics etc log in everything works fine. Some use the registry so needs to be physically installed before they work. In my user docs folder I have one specific folder, Licenses, inside it has specific vendor folders and then inside them a batch file with the respective license file/s. Run the batch file it automatically updates the registry and installs the license updates Soundbank location etc thats about 80/85% of plugins covered, the rest are all damn manual, drag in licenses redirect to preset soundbanks.

I wonder how much Scan or anyone else would quote to rebuild reinstall a music workstation? 3 figures maybe even 4? and yes I am being serious. It takes 24 hours of continuous copying to transfer my Kontakt Authorised library alone. SSD would be faster but they are not fast at writing only reading thats why they are good great even for file access not storage when they are no better and sometimes worse. IN fact I would not be surprised if they said thanks but no thanks !!
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