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Audio/MIDI USB interfaces for the iPad/iPhone etc

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Re: Audio/MIDI USB interfaces for the iPad/iPhone etc

Postby ManFromGlass » Mon Aug 19, 2019 1:15 pm

I had to do an all battery powered gig this summer including the PA.
I was running two mics into Quantiloop running a few tasty FX then passing it back out to the PA.

I bought the Zoom U-24. It’s a fantastic interface and very versatile. Battery life was good but I turned it off between sets so can’t say how long they last. It’s not as solidly built as say the H4N so I wish there was a plastic case for it to protect it during travel like there is for the H4N.

2 mics/Zoom/latest CCK/iPad Pro
while sending the outputs of the Zoom to the PA and headphones and the H4N recorder.
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