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"Haiku" DVD ISO booting up Radar 24 and KC-24 keyboard reactivation question;

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"Haiku" DVD ISO booting up Radar 24 and KC-24 keyboard reactivation question;

Postby Tunewolf » Sat Feb 09, 2019 4:28 pm

Booting Radar 24 from "Haiku" DVD ISO;
Recently I've been exploring many new things in and around the workings of the 3:57 version Radar 24. An electronic technician from the local university told me about this "Haiku" DVD.

-Apparently this "Haiku" dvd can be used as an ISO to boot up the Radar 24 by.

[ I have a "Haiku" dvd (but could put it on cd) , the "open source" version of Beos. It is "supposed" to be 99.9 % compatible operating system.
It could allow you to make a "mirror image" of your software setup to an external drive that you could use to restore your os in case of a crash! (always good to have a "restorable" backup). Again, your mileage may vary. ]

-I recall someone mentioning a while back that the Radars software became possible to up-grade -only after the R24, -but I'm not sure if he didn't refer to the 3:50 version, -whereas I have this 3:57 version.... (?)

So I'm a bit worried to try booting with it -for fear that it might damage something, -but if it worked it is supposed to further the machines video card capabilities -and a few other improvements...

If anyone knows anything re the, "Haiku" dvd ISO boot for Radar 24s -please inform me, -I would like to pursue this idea more with this technician.

As well a new idea came in via this electronic technician re a KC-24 key board re-activation problem I'm now having after doing a video card & motherboard replacement and subsequent CMOS reset etc., -He told me that sometimes after replacing a motherboard battery, (as I did when I replaced my video card), machines like this will automatically change the keyboard settings.

-So this may very well be a matter of NOT "enabling" USB keyboard settings -but rather "disabling" a certain keyboard setting in the BIOS.

-Disabling the usb keyboard setting, (which activates the PC keyboard out of the back) -may then allow the KC-24 keyboard to function.

-Any further ideas along this line from R24 or former R24 owners would be appreciated.

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