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Powerbroker on iMacs for networking?

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Powerbroker on iMacs for networking?

Postby un_quantized » Sat Mar 23, 2019 3:32 pm

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has experience of powerbroker? The IT dudes in an educational establishment where I work want to use it as a means of accessing internet (in a limited way) and networking ten machines, mainly for file sharing, back ups, upgrades and archiving. I'm guessing this will also allow lock down of various settings to prevent students messing up configs, though I can just about manage this myself via log on profiles with my limited knowledge and vastly less-than-guru-status understanding.

What I'm fearful of is that the software will have a detrimental effect on running Logic, take valuable resources up or interrupt something crucial in the middle of a take.

All the obvious things like keeping storage local for audio, plug-ins etc. will stay as it is. So far the IT people are being helpful and conceding that they don't know everything, which is refreshing. So any advice would be much appreciated. Depending on how things pan out/how complicated it might get/beyond the IT guys capability, I may even be able to wangle some money for a consultation which case I would be back to find a likely genius.
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