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M32 Edit/M32 Mix Question

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M32 Edit/M32 Mix Question

Postby Gisormis » Wed Jul 10, 2019 12:47 pm

So probably a dumb question but I can't find the answer by searching the forum.

On the M18, the pc/Mac and IPad interfaces share the X Air software and layout. This makes it very easy to sit by the pc, pick up the iPad and walk around, return to the pc, etc.

With the M32, the pc/Mac interface has adopted the X Air layout and feel but on the android/iPad apps the M32 Mix interface is still the old version.

Is this just a matter of those apps still being in development? Or is there a reason they are sticking with the look and feel of M32 Mix? It would be so much easier if they they were consistent (or if there was a choice given the user preference).

Or am I missing something and just mistaken about my observations?
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