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Thomastik- Infeld Strings

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Re: Thomastik- Infeld Strings

Postby GUILBERT » Thu Nov 21, 2019 12:13 pm

I've used the Tomastick-enfeld plectrum light gauge strings on my acoustic guitar for a couple of years. I did like them however the last set I put on caused me much grief!
I installed the stings and tuned them up to pitch. I know there is usually a bit of stretching on new strings but the D string and high E string continued to go flat. I increased tension on the stings, the D string broke at the tuning peg. I re-tuned the E string and it broke at the tuning peg!
Went out and bought a D'Addrio D and E string to replace the broken strings (couldn't get a Tomastik-enfeld replacement).
Now I have a problem with the Tomastik G string, it keeps going flat! I put it aside and will try tomorrow but I think it will break like the others. NEVER had this problem in all the years I've played guitar. I am very disappointed and disillusioned with these strings and reluctant to purchase another set.
I had just ordered a set of 6 Tomastiks at $138. When I receive them I will return the and try D'Addario chromes.
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Re: Thomastik- Infeld Strings

Postby zenguitar » Thu Nov 21, 2019 1:41 pm

Welcome to the SOS forums.

It’s always disappointing when we get a problem set of strings. But it is very rare indeed these days. But it is important to understand that this can happen to any string manufacturer and they will want to know if there are problems so they can fix them.

A number of years ago a customer returned to me as the bottom string on a guitar I had set up with new D’Addario strings developed a kink. I replaced the string and the customer was perfectly happy. The I wrote a polite letter to D’Addario explaining the problem, enclosed the string and packaging and said I hoped that would help them identify any manufacturing issues.

A week later I received a letter from James D’Addario thanking me. They also replaced the damaged string and enclosed a free set of strings, even though I hadn’t asked for any recompense.

A bad set of strings doesn’t automatically make a reputable product suddenly a bad product. But it is unreasonable to post a complaint on a public forum if you haven’t raised your complaint with the manufacturer direct and given them the opportunity to put things right.

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Re: Thomastik- Infeld Strings

Postby Wonks » Thu Nov 21, 2019 1:51 pm

Looks like you've had a problem with one set. So be upset but get in touch with Thomastik. I'm sure they'll happily supply a replacement set. But don't assume it's all the fault of the strings.

Strings breaking at the tuners is normally the sign of sharp edges around the tuner holes. So I suggest you have a look at those and sand them down with some fine grit sandpaper - P240, then P400 then P800, otherwise you'll have the same problems with any new strings you put on.

I'm constantly having problems with plain string D'Addario 0.010"s unwrapping at the ball end (about 50% chance), so I end up soldering them now before fitting. But others have the same issues with Ernie Balls.

Unwrapping at the ball end is the most likely cause of a string going flat if properly fitted, but as the strings will all be made on different machines, unless Thomastik have made a sweeping change to all their strings regarding the number of twists and tension applied, I can't see this being a common issue with all the strings.

Posting a photo of how you're winding the strings on the tuners might help. You'll have to host elsewhere and link to the pics as the forum doesn't allow you to directly download pictures.
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Re: Thomastik- Infeld Strings

Postby shufflebeat » Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:45 pm

Something that hasn't been mentioned - I've been playing Thomastiks on a Crafter d8 for about 6 months now. I loved them to start with but got to really dislike them at gigs. It took me some time to figure out why.

At home they sound nice both a acoustically and via the Fishman Matrix pickup. They record nicely, don't jump out of the mix but have plenty of detail. At gigs (IEMs, btw) they seem to choke easily, sound dead and lacking that detail.

The difference is how hard you play. I mainly play rhythmic backing to trad-dy Irish based tunes. My previous go to was d'Addario ej17s which have a full sound and feel and no matter how hard you hit them they seem to always have something left in reserve. The Thoms, at least on this guitar, like to be treated with some respect. It is taking some time to adjust my style and anger management techniques might be required but I will stick with them for now.

The only other complicating factor is that I trained my Tonedexter with phosphor bronze strings and am still using that map with the Thoms. It's a good combo but since I've updated the firmware and tried to make new maps I find the Thoms much less accommodating of the TD.
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