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Boss RE-20 settings

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Boss RE-20 settings

Postby chrissalberts » Tue Apr 24, 2018 12:18 am

Hi there!

I want to use a Boss RE-20 on front of house for a vocal slapback but I cant get my head around some things. First of all, there is a tap tempo AND a tempo knob, do they just overwrite each other? And what is the point of the different modes? Mode 1 is able to have 1 second of delay, mode 2 of 2 seconds delay but if you want 0.5 seconds of delay, how does it matter what mode you choose? And is it able to scale the tap tempo? Like I said I want a slapback, but in the ideal situation a slapback that is tapped and 1/4th of the taptempo (so in the case of 120 bpm tapping a delay of 125 ms (which is waaay to fast to tap).

Who can give me some answers?

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Re: Boss RE-20 settings

Postby marcus63 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 10:49 am

Quite new myself to the Boss RE-20 I just note - by twiddling the knobs:

1. It´s not possible to know the exact delay time - no display.

2. No translation of the tap. What you tap is what you get.

3. "Repeat Rate"-Knob overrides any tapped setting. Tapping overrides the knob setting.

4. Modes Selector positions 4, 8, 9, 10, 11 are multihead tape delay simulations.

5. Mode Selector positions 1,2,3 (no reverb option) and 5,6,7, (with reverb option)
are straight "single tape head" delays.
1&5 fastest/shortest, 2&6 middle, 3&7 slowest/longest. Switch between them to double or bisect the chosen delay time.

So, if you set 1 second of delaytime in mode 1, you can´t switch back to 0.5 seconds for obvious reasons.
But if you set your 1 second to Mode 2 - you can.

6. Between the modes the longest delay time to set doesn´t seem to matter.
It can be achieved in any mode.
But the achievement of the shortest time - if fastly tapping or setting by repeat rate knob - varies: Mode 1 (or 5) shortest, Mode 3 (or 7) longest.

For slapback I´d recommend to turn repeat rate knob fully clockwise on Mode position 5 (which gives you the possibiltiy to add reverb, too). And then finetune the delaytime to taste by gradually lowering the repeat rate.
Reaction is rather slow, because the unit always emulates a motor behaviour.
After that you´ll want to also set the number of repeats to taste.

2 unconvinient for U?
Then the RE-20 might not be the right choice.
There are other tappable delays on the market, which can translate taps:
EHX Deluxe Memory Man 550-TT, Way Huge Supa Puss,
Strymon DIG or Brigadier...

Best regards from Germany,
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Re: Boss RE-20 settings

Postby Wonks » Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:04 pm

Slapback isn't the type of delay that want to be regimented to a tap tempo, it's just too fast. Get it so that the guitar sounds good with it, and leave it at that. Nobody bothered with delay synchronisation when the first reel to reel tape machines were pressed into use for slapback echo. The time was determined by the gap between the record head and play head, and the speed of the tape; so you might have had a choice of two slapback speeds if the machine had two tape speeds.
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