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A Bass Amp for Practice and Recording?

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Re: A Bass Amp for Practice and Recording?

Postby CS70 » Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:38 pm

SecretSam wrote:
CS70 wrote:
ef37a wrote:
CS70 wrote:
ef37a wrote: the biggest contribution of the gazillion kilograms Ampeg rig was to the looks on stage and to the bank account of his chiropractor. :D

If you mean the monstrous 8 x 10 speaker and an SVT, if your bass player can lift the cab by himself, never start a fight with him. I wish I had one, but would need roadies with it.

Or nice bandmates ;-)

But no, it was the smaller square-ish 4x10 if I recall. Still helps if your name is Arnold and you have a thick German accent..

Now of course the Drummer's bought an enormous sub which dwarfs the cabinet..
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Re: A Bass Amp for Practice and Recording?

Postby Sam Spoons » Sat Sep 08, 2018 5:19 pm

If the OP want's expensive the Phil Jones Briefcase is absolutely superb.....
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Re: A Bass Amp for Practice and Recording?

Postby IvanSC » Fri Sep 28, 2018 6:38 pm

AER Bass One. Great for studio and small gigs. But £$£$£$£$£$£$££££OUCH!

I bought a used MarkbassLil Mark 3 and built a 2x10 cabinet with a pair of celestion green label neos in it. Regret not making two separate 1x10" cabs though.
Light as a feather, cheap and works for anything from a bedroom to a stadium (using the DI out into the PA
Although frankly pretty much any of the current crop of inexpensive lightweight bass amps would work.

Dont bother getting a tiny little amp if that really is all you need. Buy one of the Mini Bass headphone amps & if you dont already own some decent cans for the studio, you have a bonus in the form of nice headphonestoo! ... e-Amp/2C0C

Bass player since 1963, btw.
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