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Noiseless Pickups: Kinman / DiMarzio Area vs Suhr / Ilitch System

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Noiseless Pickups: Kinman / DiMarzio Area vs Suhr / Ilitch System

Postby Jay Menon » Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:28 pm

I've owned strats with Kinman Impersonators and DiMarzio Area pickups. Silent and they do sound great.

Had an Gibson LP with P90s - installed an Ilitch Coil - reduced the hum by 85% (but then they were P90s...)

Suhr SSCii system (based on the Ilitch) guitars - I haven't tried.

Built a few partscasters over the years to get my exact specs. Great fun - and wonderful results.

I am however, fascinated by the new Suhr SSCII system. Apart from a 42mm nut (I like 1-11/16" or 43mm) Suhr ticks all the boxes 'out of the box' (sorry)

The claims are 100% single coil, without the hum.

There's a lot of stuff on TGP, which I instinctively view with scepticism. Also whenever I hear that a electric guitar product is endorsed by professional guitarists, I remember that most of these guys have hearing loss - both age and exposure related. (In fairness, that applies equally to my set of Kinman Impersonator 54s - though Hank will always have a special place in my heart).

So has anyone here actually compared the Kinman Impersonator 56 with the Suhr V60 with SSCII...? And also the others.

Is there really a difference that you'd know with your eyes shut - and not knowing which guitar you were playing? i.e. how much of this is hype and how much is real?

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