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If You Like Bizarre Guitar-Centered Movies, Here's One For You...

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If You Like Bizarre Guitar-Centered Movies, Here's One For You...

Postby dubbmann » Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:39 pm

Hi all,

It's called "Six String Samurai" and I just streamed it off Amazon.

Anyway, it's set in a post-apocalyptic future where Death roams the land seeking to kill rock n rollers, especially those who are trying to get to Las Vegas, where the King (Elvis) is dead and Death is trying to prevent a new king from being crowned. Death looks like a cross between Slash from Guns n Roses and Buckethead (from ... well, a much later version of GnR). Death, btw, sports a pearl white Stratocaster, which he occasionally uses to play heavy metal power riffs.

Meanwhile, our hero is Buddy, a Buddy Holly looking guy who is making his way to Vegas to become the new king, and he's got a 57 Gretch Country Gentleman, which not coincidentally Death covets. Death has good taste in guitars, if not necessarily music. Buddy also has a Samurai sword, which he uses to dispatch bad guys or just about anyone who looks at him or his guitar wrong. Buddy is seen walking through various desert towns along the way, stopping in bars and making sardonic comments. Oh yeah, everybody else has swords, since apparently nobody in the future remembers how to make gunpowder. Not the deepest plot device but not out of keeping with the movie.

Along the way and throughout the movie there are intermissions with the Red Elvises, a pretty good rock-a-billy band where the bassist play a baritone balalaika. Pretty cool. The "Mad Max" vibe is enhanced by the presence of a ten year old boy (as in Mad Max II) who mainly communicates by wordless screams. Notwithstanding the limited emotional range this requires, the kid actor seldom seems to summon up the talent to reach baseline mediocrity. Again, this is not Bergman or the Coen Brothers so you just roll with it.

The movie has some cool music, some nice scenery, and several well choreographed fight scenes where Buddy kicks the bejesus out of literally dozens of sword wielding bad guys, sometimes using his Gretch as a club (shame!) and facing off versus Death in several battle-of-the-bands "play-downs". There's a not-entirely predictable twist at the end, and all in all it's not an entirely wasted 85 minutes. Imagine "Kill Bill" meets "Mad Max" meets some dopey Elvis Pressly movie (was he in "Johnny Guitar"?). I give it 3.5 dubbmanns. YMMV.


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Re: If You Like Bizarre Guitar-Centered Movies, Here's One For You...

Postby blinddrew » Mon Feb 04, 2019 12:20 pm

I am vaguely curious but I suspect I may not be able to get it past the controller of the control...
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