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Question about Emerald X7

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Question about Emerald X7

Postby Dolt » Thu Feb 28, 2019 2:28 pm

I have a question about the last generation X7 vs the current one - would a very mediocre guitarist notice an appreciable difference?
To put a little more flesh on the question, I have returned to guitar after about 30 years, was never particularly accomplished even then and have various hand problems that will limit progress. Currently play a Chinese Breedlove, which is fine, but I live in the northeast and keeping it in the case means that the rise time to play gets to limit opportunity to play. The choice would be between a new and used. Clearly "management approval" for used is easier
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Re: Question about Emerald X7

Postby Sam Spoons » Thu Feb 28, 2019 11:22 pm

I can't help with a direct comparison but I doubt you will be disappointed with either. I have a previous version X7 Artisan (pic below) and absolutely love it. I spent years looking for a parlour sized guitar that I liked the sound of and nearly bought a Taylor GS mini. Later on I even more nearly bought a Brian Eastwood custom parlour. Both were/are very good (and the Eastwood was exceptional) but neither quite made the cut for me as I still prefer the more balanced sound of bigger bodied acoustics. My 'goto' acoustic since 1981 has been a GA sized Brian Eastwood Custom Brian built for me back then, several other acoustics have come and gone in that time but the only one to take over the role of 'first in the car' guitar from the Eastwood GA has been my X7. The Eastwood is still the best sounding acoustic I own but the X7 comes close enough that it has become my 'goto' gigging acoustic. It sounds way bigger than it really is and really can do the job of a full sized acoustic 99% of the time. Did I say I love it?.


BTW did I say the X7 is pretty much impervious to humidity, temperature and any other climate/environmental conditions. It's probably the 'cockroach' of guitars, short of running it over with a truck I doubt you'll even put it out of tune :D (ok slight exaggeration there but when I unpacked mine after 48 hours in the hands of a typical courier service it was actually in tune!).
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