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TUL G12 guitar amp microphone

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TUL G12 guitar amp microphone

Postby Wonks » Wed Mar 06, 2019 11:47 am

Just read the review of the TUL G12 in Guitar Magazine. Designed purely for guitar amp miking and to be set centre of the cone between 1-3" away from the grille.

It's not new (looks like introduced in 2011), so somebody may have come across them. They are made in South African and don't appear to have international distributors so you need to order direct from the manufacturer.

The retro model is about £30 more expensive than the SM58-shaped one but looks far more professional (the 59 one looks like they've used something like a cheap Behringer mic to provide the casing).

But Guitar Magazine gave it 10/10, so it must be doing something good.

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