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Hss strat/7 sound mod question

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Hss strat/7 sound mod question

Postby gingertimmins » Mon May 06, 2019 2:26 pm

Hi guys, I’ve been pondering a bit and want to ask some opinions.
My main strat is a 2012 mim which I have modified with new pickups (alnico V, don’t remember the brand but they were budget) and I’ve done the 7 sound blender mod(master vol, master tone, blend knob to blend in neck or bridge pickup to allow for them both to be on and give a tele middle sound)
I’ve recently picked up a cheap Hss Pacifica and I’m really digging having a humbucker in the bridge and I’m wondering how a single coil neck and humbucker bridge would sound engaged together with the 7 sound mod.

Basically, will it work having the 7sound mod with hss configuration in my main strat?

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