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The most efficient set up for having an amp just for loops?

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The most efficient set up for having an amp just for loops?

Postby permanent_daylight » Sat May 11, 2019 3:42 pm

I've got a couple of loopers on my board, they are both stereo (EHX hazarai and Digitech Jamman) but i figure that once about 4 layers going on in a band i'm doing, things could be clearer. I use the hazarai for effects (pitch/reverse) and jamman for being easier to keep time or recall a saved sample. I don't know many that have a knob for pitch but its essential to ramp up speed and change key.

I was thinking setting up an A/B box into each L/R of the hazarai and jamman.
But then this will screw with my delays I believe on the hazarai (because it ping pongs, everything becomes half speed and i'd like to keep the effects)...

Placing before the jamman could work but actually use the hazarai more.

So is there any way to really do this....mainly to preserve the MONO effect of the Hazarai. Or scrapping that a looper with pitch KNOB and reverse, AND wet/dry to replace the jamman or something like that.
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