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Amp sims (plugins), Eleven Rack and latency

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Amp sims (plugins), Eleven Rack and latency

Postby Leftyjay » Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:18 pm

Hi !

Context :
I've been playing guitar for years, went digital first with the PODxt, then the Eleven Rack. Since I'm a bedroom player, the 11R was more then enough (even more with an external IR loader thrown in the mix).

Recently, I changed my computer with audio recording in mind (I can post a Sandra report if needed). In the meantime, see pcpartpicker list, which is representative of my new, current system : ... iew=fm3ykL). With the computer now fully integrated into my music setup, I've decided to try some plugins to see how they fare against the 11R. I've discovered a few gems and I find myself using way more the plugings than my 11R. I've read quite a bit around the plugins, monitoring, decreasing your latency, bit rate, oversampling process in plugins and whatnot.

What should be the expected performance of my setup? I mean, some plugins can oversample up to 8x but for the love of god, I can't play with reasonable latency without having clicks and pops. Is that normal?

Ask any questions you need answer so you can help figure it out.

Cheers !
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