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Combining IRs

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Combining IRs

Postby arkieboy » Sun Jul 21, 2019 11:51 am

For reasons I chose RedWirez IRs - which I'm very happy with. For more on how this came to be you can read all here ... ix#p564291

(AFAIR) A few hours later I got a mail from RedWirez noting that they had an addendum pack of impedance IRs for popular speakers which we could/should apply before the selected IR.

These can be used to reproduce the effect that a tube amp can have on the frequency response of the speaker. Compared to solid-state power amps, tube amps have a high output impedance. As a result the connected speaker's frequency response will change, causing it to look more like it's impendance curve than when driven by a solid-state power amp. You may appreciate the more scooped tone, added thump and sparkle.


Run these in a convolution plug-in before your cabinet IR. Or, use our mixIR tools to process one or more IRs using these impedance curves (available on your My Stuff page).

Added thump and sparkle - what's not to like ...

So being too cheap to fork out $50 on mixIR - which looks the biz TBF - I just included two 1024 IR blocks in my Helix presets. Anyway its about time I got around to permanently applying them with my favourite IRs and saving some processing power. Is this just a matter of playing a test tone through convolver plugins (space designer/ReaVerb) in series in my DAW?
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