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Fender Super Champ XD problem

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Fender Super Champ XD problem

Postby Stratman57 » Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:53 pm

Hoping there's someone on SOS can help me with my Super Champ XD.

I turned it on the other day and no sound output, it had been working at the last band practice. The power light comes on but no sound.

I checked the valves and one of the 6V6GTs wasn't glowing. Fine I thought, that just needs replacing, however having done that still no output. I also noticed that the led for the 2nd channel doesn't light up either. A Google search came up with a couple of American based forums with possible answers, but they are proving difficult to register with to ask about my specific case.

From those forum posts it appears that the DSP board is dead. Now the two weird things are that when any of the control pots are turned down to 1, there is a static whistling sound through the speaker. This disappears at any other value.

Secondly, several of the solutions say it is possible to bypass the digital board altogether and just use the valve section as a power amp. According to this it just involves inserting a jack socket with the tip feeding into C64 on the schematic, the sleeve I assume going to ground. So I tried this, using a drum machine to provide the line level signal, still no sound, until I turned the amp off, then I could hear the drum machine playing for around 20 seconds, after which it faded out.

Sorry for the long post, bit I'm a bit loath to have to junk the amp unless it's completely beyond salvage.

Regards, Simon.
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