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Desperately seeking leftie Takamine.

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Desperately seeking leftie Takamine.

Postby shufflebeat » Sun Oct 27, 2019 5:53 pm


I played a guitar recently which is pretty much everything I've been looking for. Unfortunately the Takamine ef407 New Yorker doesn't exist (as far as I can find) in a left handed version, boo!

I'm particularly looking for a Tak with the palathetic pickup system as I have fond memories of my "ye olde ef360s" which I've been trying to recreate with various pickup systems over the last few years but without that final few inches.

Anybody got experience of the ef407 and other models which might be worth consideration?

The three things that stick out in the ef407 were:

1) Neck playability - I don't remember ever playing anything that fell onto my hand so well

2) Acoustic sound - subjective but no-one could fail to be impressed

3) How well the acoustic sound and instrument responsiveness translated into the amplified sound without sensitivity to resonance/feedback.
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