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Fender Guitar Mods

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Re: Fender Guitar Mods

PostPosted: Sun Dec 22, 2019 12:29 am
by Studio Support Gnome
Not necessarily fender, but could be a very flexible Hot rod Strat ...
My now favourite pickup combo (as fitted to three of my S series Ibanez)
Neck. = Reverse orientated Bridge version Seymour duncan P-rails , fitted with 3 way switch to give P90/humbucker/single rail
Middle , currently Dimarzio True Velvet,. but might change to something else. not utterly convinced, but it's nice enough
Bridge = Quad Rail Humbucker.... I used to use a rotary switch to give me single coil, single stack, two series stacks in parallel, or all 4 coils in series . but these days I'm just using a push-push volume pot to give me two series stacks in parallel, or two series stacks in series...

fairly discrete , just a 3 way micro toggle, and a push-push volume , plus the std 5 way switch, (with coil cut earth links on the B-side)

it's about as flexible as it gets..... not a single pointless tone.... but loads of useable variation.

Re: Fender Guitar Mods

PostPosted: Sun Dec 22, 2019 12:39 am
by zenguitar
And you have made my main point perfectly SSG. What matters most is having different and useful sounds to hand with the minimum of switch combinations to remember.

Andy :beamup: